What is PRIME

PRIME enables charitable asset owners to fill the innovation “valley of death” that exists in today’s climate-relevant technology development and deployment pipeline.

PRIME was purpose-built in 2014 as a 501c3 public charity to lower the barriers that make early-stage investments in technology-heavy ventures prohibitively difficult for many types of philanthropic organizations. We aim to unlock the floodgates of charitable capital for early-stage climate innovation – our success is measured both by the climate impact of the investments we intermediate, but also by the efficacy of charitable investment practices in the climate innovation field writ large. Today, PRIME engages best-in-class experts to conduct two programs: 1) sourcing and facilitating demonstrative investments, and 2) ecosystem development.

Our first program connects an annual shortlist of carefully-selected companies with interested philanthropic investors and provides critical intermediation to execute charitable investments – our goal is for these transactions to be held up as replicable examples for the field. Our Investment Committee and staff partners with the nation’s leading business incubators, accelerators, business plan competitions, venture capital firms, corporations, universities, and the U.S. government to select the most promising, early-stage ventures, each of which contributes to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions by at least 1 Gigaton of carbon dioxide equivalents annually and may be supported with charitable capital.

Our second program convenes and educates public and private stakeholders about capital gaps in our technology innovation and deployment pipeline, and illuminates charitable capital’s under-explored ability to fill those gaps.