What is PRIME

We harness the power of philanthropy to enable transformational ideas from the research setting to translate into lasting companies whose products and services will protect and preserve the natural environment, improve human health, contribute to the advancement of science, revitalize distressed communities, and provide relief for the poor and underprivileged.

PRIME empowers philanthropic investors with the critical tools they need to make direct, for-profit investments that address climate change.

Without radical resource innovation across energy, agriculture, water, and waste, we risk irreversible climate change, military conflict over resource access, and deepening inequity in the developing world.

There’s no shortage of breakthrough technologies being developed in universities, national labs, and garages – technologies that could be as transformative today as the steam turbine in the 19th century or the solar cell in the 20th. What we’re missing is the early-stage capital and expert support that can translate these projects into thriving companies.

PRIME is a two-sided, purpose-built marketplace, connecting philanthropists on one side to promising companies and projects on the other. The goal: Bridge the innovation valley of death and accelerate the commercial deployment of technologies that reduce global greenhouse gas emissions.

Our programs are:

  • Spreading the word
  • Convening philanthropists to discuss best practices in climate finance.
  • Demonstrating by doing
  • Facilitating direct investments to demonstrate that philanthropic capital can support for-profit companies focused on resource innovation.