Prime Impact Fund

Deal by Deal Investments

Quidnet Energy, a grid-scale energy storage start-up, raised its first round of seed funding from the Sorenson Impact Foundation, the Will and Jada Smith Family Foundation, PRIME Coalition, and individual investors.


About Quidnet and Prime

How Quidnet works

RedWave is working to convert waste heat (more than half of worldwide energy use) to electricity at low cost and high efficiency, which can reduce greenhouse gas emissions in the power sector.

ConnectDER is developing a meter collar that enables solar and other renewable resources to connect to the grid cheaply, safely, and rapidly, which enables the replacement of fossil fuel power with renewable power.

Anfiro is developing high permeability and energy-efficient membranes that reduce the cost and energy of desalination and water treatment, resulting in affordable freshwater and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

Rebound is developing a novel refrigeration technology that offers the potential to dramatically reduce energy consumption in the cold chain – one of the world’s largest and fastest growing electricity end uses.

Wright Electric is electrifying aviation. By integrating innovative battery and airframe designs to build electric airplanes, Wright can dramatically reduce aviation emissions.

Opus12 is developing a device that uses electrochemistry to convert waste carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals, addressing the challenge of economically attractive carbon dioxide capture and utilization.

Mallinda is developing recyclable and moldable composite materials that offer the potential to cost-competitively reduce vehicle weight, dramatically increasing the efficiency of the automotive and aerospace industries.

Treau is developing heat exchangers and compressors based on soft polymer membranes with the potential to make heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) applications twice as efficient without the need for greenhouse gasemitting refrigerants.