Redesigning the electric motor to be more efficient and cost productive.

Lilac Solutions

Working to improve lithium extraction for electric vehicles and energy storage


Domesticating bacteria for use in climate-relevant biochemical transformations such as biomass digestion

Via Separations

developing a membrane-driven industrial separation process that reduces energy consumption


reinventing air conditioning around a novel polymer-based heat exchanger


developing a new, electrochemical approach to direct air capture of carbon dioxide

Clean Crop Technologies

Reducing food waste and crop loss using ionized air

Prime Coalition syndication investments

Quidnet Energy

Grid-scale energy storage solution

RedWave Energy

Converting waste heat to electricity at low cost and high efficiency


developing a meter collar to enable solar and other renewable resources to connect to the grid cheaply, safely, and rapidly


Working on high permeability and energy-efficient membranes to reduce the cost and energy of desalination and water treatment


Developing novel refrigeration technology with potential to dramatically reduce energy consumption in the cold chain

Wright Electric

Electrifying aviation by integrating innovative battery and airframe designs for electric airplanes

Opus 12

Developing a device that uses electrochemistry to convert waste carbon dioxide into useful fuels and chemicals


Developing recyclable and moldable composite materials with potential to cost-competitively reduce vehicle weight